New Website Launch

Date Added: 05/06/2012 by Rod Askew

After a great deal of thought and planning we are pleased to introduce our new website to everyone.

We have taken on board comments and suggestions from customers and clients over the last few years regarding the services and features they like and have made the new site as user friendly and informative as possible.

That doesn’t mean we are not open to suggestions and we would greatly appreciate any feedback, whether negative or positive on how the site can be improved even more. (Take the site down is not a suggestion or option if any of our opposition is reading this). If you have any suggestions please feel free to email - we are always open to input!

Please take a few moments, if you have time to look at the features and services we offer on the site. There is something there for everyone whether you are a vendor, buyer, alliance partner, industry specialist or just someone wanting to find out a bit more about this exciting industry.

Marketing, as we all know is now all about technology and speed of delivery.  Nothing therefore is more important to a sales and service orientated company such as RnR Strata than how we can service our vendors and clients through this advanced media.

Thanks must go to Isaac McDonald for the work that has gone into the final product.  

We like it and we hope you do also.


Rod Askew

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