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What Is A Body Corporate?

The body corporate is made up of all the individual unit owners in a complex acting as one. These members act in a manner similar to any company and utilise committee meetings to voice any concerns and discuss matters relating to the management of the complex. 

Can The Manager Be On The Body Corporate?

Resident managers are under the BCCM Act. They are“ex-officio” members of the Body Corporate Committee. Whilst they cannot vote at meetings they can attend and voice their opinion on all matters. It is essential that a manager maintain a strong and functional relationship with the Body Corporate.

What Is A Body Corporate Manager

A body corporate manager is a member of the committee elected to provide legal, financial and secretarial services and advice to the Body Corporate in order to ensure that all statutory requirements of the committee are met. Initially a manager is appointed by the developer when the complex is first built and under the B.C.C.M Act all managers have a maximum tenure of 3 years. It is the role of the Body Corporate Manager to set out and oversee the spending of all administrative funds from fees collected from owners within the complex.