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How Does A Manager Earn Income?

Managers can earn an income from two primary sources.

Body Corporate or Caretaking Salary

Managers receive a fixed salary from the body corporate as a part of the annual fees and levies paid by property owners within the complex. This salary varies according to the range of duties required for the caretaking of common property outlined in the agreements. The Body Corporate also pays for some of the day-to-day expenses of looking after common property including things such as fuel and equipment maintenance used by the property manager. 

The Body Corporate or Caretaking Salary is usually indexed to the CPI  to allow for annual increases in the manager’s costs.

Letting Commissions

A typical management rights agreement includes an agreement with the body corporate that allows you to conduct a letting business within your community titles scheme. This allows the manager to act as the on-site letting agent for investor owners wishing to rent their units to tenants. Managers are expected to supervise the standard of tenants and maintain an office and reception area. The hours required for the manager to operate these areas are outline in the agreements.  In a tourism related business income will also be derived from the provision of services such as unit cleaning, supply of linen, internet supply and tour commissions.